Relax the Mind

Zena Abdulla and her sister Kazja Rehani Mussa are two locals supported by Blue Oyster. They have been working on the Blue Oyster premises since 2000. All the income they generate goes directly to them and helps them support their family. Zena's team is trained by professional therapists from Canada & the USA at Jambiani Wellness Centre.


Relax your mind. Zena and Kazja are local Jambiani women. They use pure coconut oil mixed with famous ancient Zanzibari spices known for their therapeutic effects during massages. You may also ask Zena and Kazja to use your own massage oil if you wish.

Henna Tattoo

For your very own taste of the orient, make sure to try Zena and Kazja’s artistic Zanzibari Swahili henna designs – don’t worry, they are not permanent so you can remove them when you get home.